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Phobias - April 2019

What is fear good for ?

As humans, when we are in a situation we do not like,or think is dangerous, we react with our primitive brain and take to fight, fright or freeze to protect ourselves.The part of our brain that makes us feel these emotions when we're in danger is called the limbic system. This effective system is fabulous in affecting a speedy instinctive response, however this part of our brain is also in need of training - rather like a dog - so that it understands that its emotional response is not always the best response for its owner !!

Your limbic system likes to store up all your old files on your previous experiences and emotive responses in a data base called the hippocampus. Sometimes this data base can be useful, however it can also amplify threat without any intellectual investigation !

This Primitive part of your brain is also notorious for reminding you of your fear and keeping you on a vigilant anxious state, when you have the slightest concern. Unfortunatley this part of the brain is not directly connected to your intellectual mind and works on the emotional memory stored there.

So what would happen if you were walking down the street and you met a Polar Bear?

No doubt, you'd be surprised ! Your heart rate would increase, your hands may go sweaty, you could even pee yourself ! Most likely you would be off like a shot. Your primitve brain and the limbic system has done you proud. It delved into the data base of the hippocampus and responded with a "Holy Camoly, run before it snaffles me".Great for when you bump into the Polar Bears, not so great when you are trying to just get on with life and feel the same response to everyday and controlled low risk events.....catching a spider, flying on an aeroplane or having an injection,for example.

Hypnotherapy supports clearing phobias by releasing the fear tied up to the event or experience, utilising trance to access the subconscious and reframe responses to a positive emotion and embedding an intellectual control over the fear with deep relaxation hypnosis & anchoring. In other words "put a lead on the limbic dog" .

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