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Session and Treatment Prices

My free initial consultation to discuss how hypnotherapy can help you. I have standard package prices, however I can offer discount on block session bookings and on couple and group sessions including hypnobirthing. Please just ask me. On average clients attend 6-8 sessions for treatments, investing as little as £295 towards reaching their goal and well being. Costs can be reduced to just £35.00 if held at home when I can accomdate - please just enquire.
Please note I kindly request a 50% payment should you need to cancel with less than 24 hours notice, due to the charges I incur as a private therapist.


/55 mins

The standard 55 minute session of  psychotherapy combined with hypnosis for the treatment of a wide range of conditions including Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Anger, Weight Control, Grief, IBS, Confidence building and many more.

* £45 for students, minors, NHS nurses and over 65's

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Smoking Cessation

1 x 2hours session & a 30min follow up session included.

Give up smoking in just 2 hours. Using a combination of hypnosis and talking therapy you can resist any urge to smoke and improve your health at pace as you take control of addiction.

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4 x 55min sessions

Get rid of your phobia for good in as little as 4 sessions.Using specific techniques to unwind your fears and embed a sense of calm and fun. Deep hypnosis and talking therapy.

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Terms & Conditions

Please note that I request you sign my terms and conditions to agree to the treatment with hypnotherapy and to ensure you fully understand my commitment to GDPR as I treat your privacy as paramount in our sessions and in my record keeping. I am fully insured and follow the ethical requirements of my professional body AfSFH.

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